Mika Häkkinen: Winning, Risk and Insight into Formula 1

Mika Häkkinen: Winning, Risk and Insight into Formula 1

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Mika won the hearts of fans around the world with his speed, focus and dramatic driving style. At speaking events and global conferences he shares captivating stories from his racing career; focussing on risk, innovation, teamwork and the combination of talent and technology required to win.

Mark Gallagher, Director of Performance Insights –

“As a double World Champion Mika has demonstrated what it takes to succeed and sustain that success over time.  He helped to define a rich period in Formula 1, being the only driver that Michael Schumacher admitted to fearing, and enjoying a number of close wheel to wheel battles with the sport’s record breaking superstar.  Mika unlocked his potential in the face of adversity, suffering a life-threatening accident in Adelaide in 1995. He came into the McLaren team as team mate to Ayrton Senna, outperforming the legendary Brazilian driver in their first qualifying session together, but he also learned a great deal from the 3-times World Champion.  Mika worked with one of the sport’s greatest coaches, Aki Hintsa, who taught him the importance of mindfulness, clearing his life of distractions, and focussing on the goal ahead.  He carries that approach with him to this day.

I like working with Mika because he is a humble superstar; he loves sharing stories, answering questions and meeting people eager to know about what it takes to operate at the pinnacle of an unforgiving sport such as Formula 1.  There is also the fact that his overtaking manoeuvre on Michael Schumacher during the Belgian Grand Prix in 2000 has been voted by F1’s fans as the best overtaking manoeuvre of all time – that story of split-second decision making, managing risk, going for the goal and executing it perfectly, is worth listening to.  Mika truly is one of the all time greats within our sport.”

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