F1 Talent

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F1 Talent

Winning in Formula One requires everything to be right; the team, the technology and of course the driving talent behind the wheel. To win a single Grand Prix is an achievement, but to repeat that feat over and over again is the mark of a champion-level driver.

Bringing a top Formula One talent to your event creates a buzz; the opportunity to learn from the best, to have keynote presentations and questions tailored to your event theme, and the ‘wow’ factor of having someone who knows what it is like to battle wheel-to-wheel at 350kph/220mph with all the instant decision making, performance and risk management that entails.

Having a Formula One star can also help build audience numbers, ensure delegate retention, and create something truly memorable. In addition, meet-and-greets with delegates, autograph sessions, awards-presentation and opportunities for the ever-popular selfies, add further dimensions to your conference or meeting.

Other F1 Drivers

Booking a current or former Formula One superstar to speak at your event is often a daunting task. Not every driver can inspire an audience, provide the necessary support during the planning phase, and undertake a comprehensive engagement that may include a client dinner, autograph signings or similar.

Performance Insights has worked with many of the top names in the sport. If you have a specific driver in mind, we can help to investigate availability, secure their services and coordinate the content, logistical planning, briefing calls and all the other elements that are both vital and time-critical to ensure an event is truly successful.

Finally, if you are unsure and simply want some ideas for a Formula One-themed or related event, there are some terrific candidates we can always propose.

Just contact us with your requirements in order to find out more.

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