F1 heads to Monaco!

F1 heads to Monaco!

With 5 races of the 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship completed, the 10 teams head to Monaco for the most glamorous event of the season with no let-up in the pace of constant development, innovation and change for which the sport is famous.

Lewis Hamilton heads the Driver’s Championship, but with a renewed challenge from team mate Nico Rosberg and a resurgent Ferrari hot on their heels. Formula One’s major teams will continue their battle around the tight confines of the tiny principality situated on the sparkling French Riviera.

On the technological front this year the rule changes are relatively slight compared to last year when we saw huge innovation in the form of petrol-electric hybrid engines. These engines feature tiny 1600cc turbocharged engines mated to a 120 Kilowatt electric motor and energy storage system which is charged using waste energy. This has resulted in an incredible 40% reduction in fuel consumption in spite of achieving the same levels of performance as before.

“When I was running Cosworth I joined with Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes in 2009 to create these technically challenging but highly relevant power unit technologies,” says Mark.

“We have to keep F1 ‘road relevant’ and the innovations within these engines will help advance the move away from the predominantly fossil-fuelled cars most of us drive today.”

This year drivers are limited to only 4 engines for the season, further demonstrating Formula One’s drive towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Twenty years ago F1 drivers used a new engine every day, resulting in as many as 250 engines per year for a single two-car team!

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