David Coulthard: The Ultimate F1 Insight

David Coulthard: The Ultimate F1 Insight

One of the sport’s most widely recognised personalities, David Coulthard won 13 Grands Prix during a stellar career spanning 15 seasons with the Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing Formula One teams. Forming the ultimate ‘double act’ with Mark Gallagher in 2012, David brings not only a winner’s insight to the task of driving yourself and your team to achieve excellence, but has first hand experience of handling the risks, technology, innovation and sacrifices required to compete at the highest level.


Mark Gallagher, Director of Performance Insights –

“I started working with David because he is rare among successful sports stars; a winner in sport who understands the world of business and can relate one to the other. 

His Formula 1 career started in the wake of the Ayrton Senna tragedy and coincided with digital transformation, enabling teams and drivers to optimise performance and manage risk as never before. David can share insights from the front line of Formula 1’s data driven journey. 

He also articulates what is involved in building high performing teams and driving wining behaviours. Having been mentored by none other than Jackie Stewart, DC really does understand the corporate world, and his success in building Whisper Films into one of the UK’s most successful production companies shows that he knows what is required to deliver a successful team. 

Finally, I have long since realised David’s commitment to working closely with clients to ensure that when he appears at events he realises the importance of engaging with delegates, participating in panel discussions, photo sessions and attending VIP dinners. His work ethic is impressive and he is a highly recognisable sports star with a particularly good human touch when it comes to meeting and dealing with people.”


You can find out more about David by visiting his online profile here – https://www.mark-gallagher.com/david-coulthard/

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