Having a thought-provoking and insightful keynote presentation often leads to clients requesting even greater level of access to, and learnings from, the world of Formula One.

Performance Insights provides two options for clients eager to give their leadership teams a developmental exercise in Formula One which can be tailor-made to focus on the areas, attributes, behaviours and cultures of greatest interest.

The key aspect of each offering is that Mark Gallagher will work directly with you and your team to ensure that the learning experience is meaningful, relevant and targeted.

Personalise your event


This activity involves keynote presentations and a workshop-style session with a top Formula One driver.

Highly personalised, the objective is to provide delegates with a unique, memorable and insightful experience, spending 1-2-1 time with someone who knows precisely what it takes to win on the global stage and in a highly competitive, technically demanding environment.

Topics can include:

  • The Winning Mindset. What it takes to be the best you can be.
  • Continuous Improvement. Why the best are never satisfied and how learning = winning.
  • High Performance Team Work. The Power of One, individual responsibility & accountability.
  • Innovating to Succeed. Driving an innovation culture, developing the agility to win.
  • Leadership. Mentorship, coaching, setting ambitious goals, empowering teams to deliver.

Sample Elements:

  • Delegate Meet & Greet, Welcome
  • Moderated Keynote Presentation with Driver
  • Q&A session
  • Workshop on Agreed Themes / Takeaways
  • Table Activities with Driver involvement
  • Interaction Session / Panel Discussion
  • Informal Lunch / Dinner
  • 1-2-1 Driver Interaction
  • Selfies / Autographs / Group Photos


These activities are ideal for a small leadership or management group aiming to benefit from a more immersive experience in a Formula One environment.

The formats are flexible and, as before, the content is agreed in advance with the client. The idea is to bring to life the messaging and takeaways from gaining a highly personalised insight into Formula One and the business lessons which can be drawn from it.

Want to see how Formula One teams handle Compliance, cope with Change, develop Agile Strategies, develop Team Work, manage Risk or utilise Data Analytics? Meet the real experts, on site or at an event, in the environment in which they have to deliver.

The Grand Prix Management Experience

Visiting a Grand Prix as a Learning & Development experience is the most effective way to understand how a Formula One team ticks, learning from experienced management personnel, drivers and team members. Naturally this is a high-end event, typically to C-Suite level, and full support can be provided for travel, accommodation, transportation & ticketing.

A weekend-long commitment is required, lasting 2 or 3 days, and whilst numbers are flexible, it is ideal for smaller groups where greater time can be devoted giving each delegate a full experience. This also allows for greater levels of access to be accommodated by the hosting team.

Elements can include;

  • Welcome event / Dinner
  • Seminar / Workshop on selected topics
  • Visit to Practice, Qualifying & Race utilising standard tickets or F1-team facilities
  • Opportunity to visit a team garage/pit lane for tours & management insights
  • Dinner in the team facility including management Q&A
  • 1-2-1 session / Dinner with a Formula One driver
  • Pre-race Discussion / Workshop
  • Post-weekend debrief meeting either on-site or at Client Offices to define Learnings.

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