Over the last 20 years clients have often requested an even deeper, more interactive and engaging activity, including the creation of themed events, workshops, team building activities and leadership development programmes. In establishing Performance Insights, Mark Gallagher is able to offer a broader range of services, with well-proven workshop formats, exclusive leadership development opportunities and access to specialist suppliers who can bring your event to life.

So rather than hearing about how a Formula One team completes a pit stop, why not have your own team learn precisely how to execute it using an actual Grand Prix car? It’s a fun, practical and safe activity, which can be conducted indoors as well as outside, creating a team building activity no one will forget.

If your leadership team wants to learn what it takes to succeed in a global business, consider hosting your next meeting at a Formula One team headquarters, or visit a Grand Prix event and discuss the winning mindset with a driver who knows what it takes to win in this complex, high technology sport.

If theming your event requires access to a car, pit lane paraphernalia, driver simulators or authentic team get, Performance Insights is also available to help you source the relevant solutions.


Workshop events are popular with clients keen to ensure that conference or event delegates enjoy an interactive, learning experience, based on key themes or messages agreed in advance.

F1 Themed Events

Whenever a Formula One related topic or theme is chosen, clients and event managers often like to ensure that the entire event has activities and props that help them to carry the message through to all the attendees

Team Building

F1-related team building activities are extremely popular, and when added to a keynote presentation and workshop can really add excitement and engagement whilst creating a meaningful and memorable activity for your delegates.

Leadership Development

Having a thought-provoking and insightful keynote presentation often leads to clients requesting even greater level of access to, and learnings from, the world of Formula One.

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