Formula One™ requires competitors to develop world -class team work, seamless collaboration with key partners and an unwavering focus on delivery.

The team work starts months, sometimes years, before the race; from factory-based staff working with key suppliers to design, manufacture and develop a Formula One car featuring leading edge, aerospace technology, right through to the pit crew at the race track tasked with changing all four wheels during a three second pit stop.

As a high technology sport, Formula One requires the teams to fully integrate their human and technical assets. The objective is to ensure that these sophisticated vehicles are not only produced to meet the demanding performance levels required to battle for the FIA Formula One World Championship™ but also feature


the safety and reliability which are first order requirements to protect the driver and ensure the race is finished.

The team culture that pervades Formula One teams is a vital ingredient to achieve success. These teams employ many hundreds of staff and work with dozens of key technical partners, all working towards the immoveable deadlines of 20 Grands Prix across the globe. The relentless quest for improvement never ceases.

All teams in the sport utilise high technology, attract significant revenues and combine to create the show that F1 has become. The leading competitors demonstrate a degree of team work and collaboration which can only be described as truly world-class.

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