How do you motivate people to go that extra mile, to do whatever is necessary to get the job done, often in the face of adversity whether it be a seemingly impossible deadline, limited resources or against formidable opposition?

Naturally the work of a Formula Oneā„¢ team must in itself seem ‘motivating’ because team personnel are involved in a sexy, global sport with the eyes of the world upon it – a magnet for the rich, the famous and the glamorous.

The reality is that 85% of personnel in a Formula One business are factory based and simply work in a high technology engineering company. They never travel to races to enjoy their moment of fame, glamour and prestige, so genuine motivation to succeed is vital as the race team relies on their co-workers back at base to lay the foundations for success. There is no point


in the team working hard at the race track on the far side of the world, only to phone HQ in Europe as a result of some issue and discover that everyone’s gone home.

Developing personnel, understanding their inner motivations, cultivating team spirit and creating an atmosphere within which the job always gets done, the deadlines always met, and goals constantly pursued; this is the requirement, whether in Formula One or any other business.

Financial reward, recognition and empowerment only go so far. The leadership of the organisation has to set a clear vision, communicate it, engage with the staff, secure their buy-in and work together; celebrating achievements, understanding and learning from failures along the way.


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