Good leadership is pivotal to the success of any organisation. The complex nature of modern Formula One™ teams means that their leaders have to possess a wide range of skills, enabling them to manage the demands of a high technology manufacturing business, combined with building a multi-national team capable of achieving world-class sporting success.

Formula One’s Chief Executive Officer, Bernie Ecclestone, created the business model that has seen this sport become a global business phenomenon with multi-billion dollar revenues and 20 highly prestigious events taking place in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Pacific Rim.

Aside from his leadership, the sports’ top teams have witnessed the skills of Ferrari’s Jean Todt,


McLaren’s Ron Dennis and the brilliance of Red Bull’s Deitrich Mateschitz in unleashing the potential of the previously uncompetitive Jaguar Racing team; the dominant Red Bull Racing team of 2010 and 2011.

Leadership is also a recognised quality of the top drivers in Formula One, from the late Ayrton Senna to the most successful driver of all time, Michael Schumacher, who demonstrated great internal leadership during his dominant years at Ferrari.

One of the most important attributes of leadership is the ability to empower staff, giving team members the opportunity to thrive, develop, innovate and ultimately develop leadership skills of their own; a key factor in determining those teams who unlock their talents and reach the heights of success.


"Your ability to convey the excitement of F1 combined with all the difficulties and frustrations we all face, was masterful."

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