We live in a time of relentless technological development. Innovation is essential for any business to flourish, whether through innovations in the products or services offered to customers, step changes in the technologies and processes used by the company, or empowering staff to use their creativity in the quest for greater efficiencies and performance.

Technical innovation lies at the heart of Formula Oneā„¢ as the teams seek improvements to vehicle and team performance season to season, race to race, embracing new ideas in their battle against both the competition and the restrictions upon them by the sports governing body. As the teams innovate to improve performance, their opposition watches carefully, copying ideas, enhancing them where fresh opportunities are pinpointed.


Innovation has also been key in Formula One’s approach to risk management, utilising technologies to ‘innovate to zero’ the likelihood of driver, personnel or spectator fatalities.

It has also been seen in the manner in which teams have developed their businesses, taking lessons learned in one area and applying them elsewhere. It comes as no surprise to see Formula One innovations employed in businesses, from automotive to defence, or in sports including cycling and sailing.

Whether it is a paddle-shift operated gearbox eliminating the need for the driver to take his hand off the steering wheel to change gear, or employing high speed data, audio and video streaming so that race strategy can be determined real-time from the far side of the world, Formula One is constantly pushing at the edges of the innovation envelope.


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