A Formula One™ team has to be a customer-focused business like any other, winning, sustaining and growing customer relationships in order to develop a profitable business able to invest in its future.

Client centricity is critical, for when multinational companies and brands support an F1 team in its endeavours, the necessity to provide a 24 x 7 service, 52 weeks of the year means that the 20 Grands Prix events become the tip of the iceberg. To the uninitiated, the races may appear to be the focus for the teams and their customers – the sponsors. In reality customers demand a 360 degree provision which delivers excellence at all times.

For the benchmark teams in F1, long-term success has been created through the successful delivery of customer-centric strategies aimed at ensuring that, whether the team wins the race or finishes last, the customers always come first and their goals are achieved.

Formula One has entered a customer-centric age. It is often driver appearances at corporate events, featuring F1 show cars at trade shows and exhibitions and team endorsement – via technical case studies or the wider activities that help customers to brand-build and win business – that determine the success or failure of the team-customer relationship.

“Fantastic guest speaker – describing the Formula One world in a very interesting way.”

Delegate, Marriott Hotels International Ltd

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