Mark Gallagher’s book, ‘The Business of Winning’, was published by Kogan Page in October 2014 and has so far exceeded expectations with strong retail sales and bulk-orders placed by public speaking clients. Next week the book will be the subject of a Reuters global news report on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix, explaining on how the world’s business leaders attending Formula One’s most prestigious event can learn from the high-paced world of Grand Prix motor racing.

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The book covers all topics that Mark is most often asked to speak about; Leadership and Team Work always rank highly, but so too Innovation, Managing Change and Building High Performing teams. Safety and Risk Management came into focus in Formula One last year, partly due to the 20th anniversary of the last ever F1 driver fatality, but also as a result of a serious accident which left the French driver Jules Bianchi seriously injured in the Japanese Grand Prix.

The advent of hybrid engines in Formula One sees huge interest in energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions and the role that the sport has to play in acting as a research & development driver for the world’s automotive industry. When the Williams F1 team won the 2014 UK Renewable Energy Pioneer Award it raised many eyebrows, but yet again underlined Formula One’s commitment to innovation and the development of road relevant technologies.

“The one thing that is for certain is that Formula One continues to catch the imagination of business audiences around the globe because of the range of topics that it gives rise to,” says Mark Gallagher. “Until recently it may have seemed strange for an F1 industry executive to speak at a renewable energy conference or tackle green technologies, but that is precisely where we are today. As a sport we have much to offer given our ability to innovate quickly.”
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“Furthermore Formula One faces a fascinating future with the advent of the Internet of Things, the automotive industry’s move towards Autonomous (Self-Driving) Systems and a changing media landscape where the sport will be watched on Mobile Devices rather than on traditional television. As a result we are embracing change and developing the sport faster than at any time in its history.”